Monday, September 16, 2013

"Had Fun and Got the Work Done!" 9/6/13

Hey i have a little time today and write to tell you we had some things got changed on us, the burreu of immagration changed their standards and so we are leaving urdaneta sunday afternoon instead of tuesday afternoon. i will be in manilla sunday night and have to make a personal appearance at the immagration building for some finger print stuff. i wont have time to write on monday so they gave us a little time to write today. i will still be home on wednesday. no worries there, i almost played a joke on you guys but sister monahan and i didnt think you would find that to funny haha. this is actually my last day of work here in the philippines, we started today with a nice service project for the ward and now we are at the office getting things ready for transfers next week. later today we have a interview for our investigators that will be baptized on the 14th! then we have a p.e.c. meeting and then a ward f.h.e. should be pretty fun, i realized i have nothing to pack haha. my suit cases are pretty much empty haha, i wont have anytime to buy anything so sorry. the change was really unexpected. oh well, do what ya gotta do! i just want to say that is has been one great ride! i can honestly say that this is the best two years and i dont see it as a sacrifice at all. i have gained more then i left or could have obtained. it was the greatest privilege to stand shoulder to shoulder with my Savior Jesus Christ and assist Him in this glorious work! I saw people change. I saw miracles. I saw the spirit dwell in the most humble circumstances and testify that the words we spoke are true! I love you all and will see you next week. i can say as well that i have no regrets on how i have served and went out strong! nagmamahal, Elder Machen